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NURVV Run Smart Insoles


Get personalised running insights and live in run coaching feedback through your iOS and Andriod phone, Garmin or Apple Watch to run faster and reduce injury risk.

  • 32 Precision sensors at your feet
  • Unique real-time metrics
  • Personalised running insights
  • In run audio and visual coaching
  • Unique running health score
  • Free tracked shipping to UK
  • Delivered in 1-3 working days
  • Chat with a NURVV Run specialist
32 precision sensors at your feet
Unique real-time metrics
Personalized running insights
In run audio and visual feedback
Unique running score

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Why does good running technique matter?

With races cancelled it’s all too easy to abandon our training plans and become demotivated. However, running can be great way of staying fit, boost the immune system and improve mental health. Research shows us that almost half of all runners get injured at some point during the year. With many plans on hold, now could be the ideal time to address imbalances, hone your technique and even get more enjoyment out of your running.

Running insights

Your first run with NURVV will start you on the path to knowing more about how you run. Each step is analysed to create a picture of your unique running style. Technique data is shown alongside distance and speed metrics giving you a detailed breakdown of each run with NURVV’s unique Metric Profiles.

Real time coaching

Get encouragement on every run using Pace Coach and Footstrike Trainer workouts. Whether you are doing an easy run, an interval session or running to a target pace, get audio, visual and haptic technique coaching as you run.

Stay healthy

Easy to understand charts and a personalised Health Score provide a picture of how you are running today and help to make sure your running is sustainable.

Durable and light

We’ve tested NURVV Run on some of the harshest terrain on the planet. Ultra-thin insoles and lightweight trackers mean you won’t even notice they are there.

Run anywhere

We’ve crammed a huge amount of technology into our trackers, so they are super accurate during indoor workouts, on the trails or in built up areas.

Run phone free

Don’t want to run with your phone? No problem. If you have a Garmin or Apple Watch, you can run with NURVV and checkout the metrics when you are back home.

New Feature

Strava integration

As the saying goes, ‘if it isn’t on Strava it didn’t happen’. Our latest app release integrates NURVV Run with Strava. All your runs with NURVV will now sync to the social platform, so you’ve got all your running data in one place.

Running made simple

NURVV Run couldn’t be easier to use, just follow these simple steps.



Insert the ultra-thin insoles under your running insoles and attach the trackers, NURVV works with all types of shoe inserts and custom footbeds


Track your runs

Download the app and go for your first run. NURVV works with iOS and Android smartphones, with a Garmin and Apple Watch


Know how to improve

Get personalized insights into your running and create a technique workout to get in run coaching feedback on your step length and cadence

How does NURVV work?

NURVV Run consists of a pair of ultra-thin insoles that contain 32 precision sensors. They slip underneath your existing running shoe insoles and communicate using Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone. The app provides detailed analysis from our unique metrics after each run and real time feedback through your watch or phone as you run.

Running measured from the feet

World Leading Accuracy

NURVV Run's advanced positioning technology measures distance and pace with world-leading accuracy. Now you will always know how far and how fast you’re running, wherever you choose to run indoors, outdoors, in urban or remote environments. 

5+ Hours Active Battery Life

On a single charge NURVV Run will be with you for 5+ hours of running. Trackers are easy to recharge with the included USB charger, and additional chargers are available to buy online. 

Precision Sensors

32 Precision sensors accurately capture your new NURVV technique metrics at 1,000 times per second. The data collected by the sensors is the bedrock for the advanced biomechanics to provide the insights into your running technique.  

Ultra-Thin & Lightweight

NURVV Run provides two comfortable and lightweight insoles, with two trackers weighing 0.8oz/22.7g each. They have been tested by hundreds of runners over thousands of miles, so we’re confident you’ll never know they’re there. 


NURVV Run insoles and trackers are rain, mud & puddle proof and come with a 1 year limited warranty. Depending on usage they last for the duration of 3 pairs of running shoes, and replacement insoles are available to buy online.  

Know how you run

Ever wondered how your foot strikes the ground? If you over or under pronate? Now you can know.  NURVV Run measures the most important technique metrics to give you a complete picture of your running style. For more information read our article running measured from the foot


Your steps per minute. It’s one of two factors that affect speed. The other one? Step length.

Step Length

Your distance over one step. It’s one of two factors that affect speed. The other one? Cadence.


Your point of first contact with the ground. Optimizing your foot strike can improve your running economy and reduce injury risk.

Running Health Score

A unique and easy to understand score, indicating how sustainable your running is based on your new NURVV technique metrics and training behavior.


The symmetry between your left and right leg. Subtle changes in balance can improve performance and reduce injury risk.


How your foot-rolls when it impacts with the ground. Optimizing your pronation can reduce Injury risk.

Road tested

After four years of development with the world's leading runners, biomechanists, universities and technology institutions, NURVV Run is the most advanced running product available.

"We have partnered with leading institutions and researchers to conduct extensive testing to make sure that the accuracy and durability of the NURVV Run product is the best it can be"

Nigel Waites
Chief Technology Officer, NURVV Run

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Two Insoles
  • 2 Two Trackers (weighing 0.8 oz / 22.7 g each)
  • 3 One Charger and Charging Cable
  • 4 Free Coaching App


Improve your technique, to run faster and reduce injury risk

NURVV Run is the most advanced running product on the market with over 4 years extensive development alongside some of the world's leading sports & technology institutions. Featuring 32 precision sensors, NURVV Run’s two insoles accurately capture data at 1,000 times per second, to bring you unique running metrics measured directly from the feet – cadence, footstrike, step length, pronation and balance.   

Advanced positional technology inside both GPS trackers mean you can run in any urban or rural environment with confidence. The lightweight trackers measure your distance and pace to a world-leading 99% accuracy, alongside your usual essential running metrics - so now you can know more about your running than ever before with increased accuracy!  

The free NURVV Run coaching app, powered by advanced biomechanics, then guides you exactly how and where to improve. Personalized workouts coach you how to run faster to a target pace or beat your best times, with in-run audio and visual cue’s providing instant feedback when it matters most.  

To help keep you on the road, NURVV Run also uniquely indicates how sustainable your running is based on your individual running technique and training load.  With new features continually added you can be sure you’ll be at the front on the pack. 

Get a complete picture of your running, with the guidance you need to improve.  

Have you got the NURVV? 

What’s in the box

2 x NURVV insoles

2 x Trackers

1 x Charger with USB cable

Tech specs

Available in 6 sizes

Ultra-thin comfortable insoles

Lightweight GPS trackers – 0.8oz each

Captures unique running metrics – Cadence, Footstrike, Step Length, Pronation, Balance

Rain, mud & puddle-proof

5hrs of active battery life

Phone-free and indoor modes

Durable insoles with limited 1 year warranty


NURVV Run works with: 

iOS: 11 or above (iPhone 6s or above)
Android™: 6.0 or above
Apple Watch Series 3 or above
ANT+ (Garmin)



NURVV Run is usually delivered with signature required but due to the restrictions of COVID-19, Signature required service will be done by contactless delivery.


Free standard shipping
Delivered in 1-3 working days
Tracked delivery
Signature required

Free standard shipping
Delivered in 2-5 working days
Tracked delivery
Signature required


Free returns for nurvv.com orders
You can return NURVV Run provided it is unused and in the original packaging with all accessories included, and is returned within 30 days from the date delivery. For reasons of hygiene, if the product has been used in this time a restocking fee is applied. To initiate a return please contact Support for a free returns label. There is no restocking fee if the product is unopened. 


  • “My new NURVV inserts are just the tool I've been missing. I have been prone to some injuries and they are helping me correct my form. I am opening up my stride and already seeing big improvements!”

    Don Snellings

    Running Coach and founding partner of FICS fitness recovery studio

  • “Such a unique insight into my running style. Never before have I had so much data and feedback about my running style at my fingertips instantly after completing a run.”

    Ben Parkes

    Running Coach and Athlete


We are thrilled to have received these awards:

Best New Running Tech and Gear
Best Tech Products 2020
Best Tech CES 2020 Award
CES Editors’ Choice Awards 2020
Most innovative fitness tech of CES 2020
Best New Technology at CES 2020
Best Fitness Tech Innovations of CES 2020
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