Running measured from the feet

Know how to improve your technique to run faster and reduce injury risk

“Immersive live coaching provides actionable changes while you’re running.”
“NURVV’s high-tech insoles will revolutionise your runs.”
“Personalised coaching, to fine-tune performance and avoid injury.”
“NURVV delivers simple actionable insights and in-run coaching.”
“NURVV provide real-time feedback to improve your running technique.”

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Running measured from where it counts

For the first time ever, you can know exactly how you run outside the sports lab. NURVV Run insoles use 32 precision sensors to measure your technique every step of your run.

New iOS & Android app update

At NURVV, community is key. We love hearing your feedback and we’ve been working hard to integrate your most requested features to NURVV Run. Designed to help you get the most from your running, our latest app release is out now. Update your app to get these great new training tools: Metric Profiles, Footstrike Trainer, and Strava integration.

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Understanding the science of running

Understanding the science of running

Do you know what part of your running technique is holding you back, or putting you at risk of injury? We’ve built NURVV Run from the ground up using the science of running - biomechanics. 

As Dr Trewartha, Head of NURVV Biomechanics explains, “this new approach tells you everything you need to know about your running. By understanding exactly how your body moves we can offer insights and live in run coaching to help you improve.” 

Running revolutionised

By combining technology and the science of biomechanics, NURVV Run helps you become a better runner. 

Know how you run

NURVV Run measures the most important technique metrics to give you a complete picture of your running style – cadence, footstrike, step length, pronation and your left/right balance.

Live in run coaching

Get help when it really matters. Pace Coach guides you to run to a chosen pace with personalised step length and cadence coaching as you run. Audio, visual and haptic feedback help provide focus when you want to run faster, during interval workouts or on recovery runs.   

Live in run coaching
Live in run coaching

Motivation to improve

With Running Health we’ve created an easy to understand way of showing how sustainable your running is. The radar graph highlights key elements of your running while the Health Score gives you a benchmark to measure progress. We even provide tips on how to improve and guidance on how far you should run each week.  

Motivation to improve
Motivation to improve

Better together

Our team of runners, coaches and biomechanists have developed a huge library of resources, guides and FAQs to support your training and help you hit your running goals. 

NURVV Run comes with

32 Precision sensors at your feet
Unique real-time metrics
Personalised running insights
In run audio and visual coaching
Unique running health score


  • “My new NURVV inserts are just the tool I've been missing. I have been prone to some injuries and they are helping me correct my form. I am opening up my stride and already seeing big improvements!”

    Don Snellings

    Running Coach and founding partner of FICS fitness recovery studio

  • “Such a unique insight into my running style. Never before have I had so much data and feedback about my running style at my fingertips instantly after completing a run.”

    Ben Parkes

    Running Coach and Athlete


We are thrilled to have received these awards:

Best New Running Tech and Gear
Best Tech Products 2020
Best Tech CES 2020 Award
CES Editors’ Choice Awards 2020
Most innovative fitness tech of CES 2020
Best New Technology at CES 2020
Best Fitness Tech Innovations of CES 2020
Fitness Tech award winner CES 2020

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Unique insight

“Such a unique insight into my running style. Never before have I had so much data and feedback about my running style at my finger tips instantly after completing a run.”

- Ben T

Encouraging to see such great feedback from your feet

“A great invention, coming back from running it is insightful to see the running dynamics of balance, foot strike, cadence and training effect together.”

- Clair

Must have in your running arsenal!

“My new Nurvv inserts are just the tool I've been missing.”

- Don

Really innovative running tech

“This tech has already improved my technique which I am confident will lead to better times and, crucially, less injuries.”

- Alex A


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